The Boys Found Us a New Apartment

Being a single mother has never been easy, but it has not been as hard as my two sons are getting older. They have been really great about helping me out with everything from getting good grades in school to helping with the chores at home. When I got a new job in San Antonio, one of them suggested that we look at apartments in San Antonio so the drive would not be so hard on me. I thought that was pretty incredible because it meant that they would have to change school districts, which can be hard for a kid.

They are amazing though, and they even told me that they would find a place that is inexpensive and nice. It did not take them long to find us a three bedroom apartment at a complex called The Niche, and I was really surprised at the price, considering all that they offer there. The boys had even looked at online reviews to make sure that we were not going to be in for any hidden surprises, which we weren’t because all of the reviews were extremely positive.

I really liked the floor plan of the apartment too. Our three bedrooms are at one end of the apartment, and there are even two balconies too. One is a private balcony off of my bedroom, and the other one is a really big one off the living room. There is a lot of storage there too, and two full baths. It should not have surprised me that they found something so nice, but it did. I cannot say enough good things about my boys. I love them both so much, and we are having the time of our lives at our new home because of all the amenities that they offer to all the residents.